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The first job your content has to do is help you get found on internet search engines. That is, unless you’re very famous, have no competition, or have a huge advertising budget that you can spend on TV, radio, or PPC, but for most businesses coming up in the search engines is the surest way to get clients or customers. Content is an essential part of any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and cannot be neglected if you want to get long-lasting results.

Quality Counts

When ranking websites in their results list, search engines are increasingly leaning on the quality of your content. Search engines have always SEO robots are learning to read your content.tried to rank websites on the basis of quality, but in the past they leaned on measurement tools like inbound links to tell their programs which content was quality and which wasn’t. Now more sophisticated programs allow search engine “robots” to read your content and assess its quality directly.

Quality content, in the eyes of the search engines, is:

  • Original
  • Expert
  • Detailed
  • Relevant
  • Free of errors

Content with these characteristics will give your website a great foundation for ranking well on search engine results.

Why Work with a Real Writer

SEO specialists may offer to write your “optimized” content based on the most recent developments in optimization. Although this content may perform well initially, as the search engines change the way they rank pages, your content may not perform as well. In fact, it may need to be heavily edited or completely replaced to continue performing well.

What will do well, long-term is great writing. Search engines are trying to emulate a human reader, and as they get better and better at their job, expertly written content will continue to climb up the rankings.

And quality writing has another benefit. Because your possible consumers or clients are human, great writing will be more likely to get you more conversions.

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