Enhancing Brand Identity with Web Content

Your brand is more than just your logo and your tagline. It’s both a personality and a promise. It is the way people think about your company or Brand identity depends on wordspractice. It’s the feeling your name evokes, the thoughts it inspires, and the primary thing that can set you apart from your competitors. Your brand has to carry over onto your website in order for your website to be effective.

Design plays an important role in transferring your brand, but relying only on design is like dressing for an important meeting, but not preparing what you’re going to say. Your website content can carry your brand and communicate with potential customers about the unique benefits you have to offer.

Your Brand Has Value

People seek out and buy from brands they trust. They pay more to get products and services from brands they trust. They return to trusted brands again and again, and recommend them to their friends and family. Clearly, your brand has significant value that you need to take advantage of if you want your website to bring in the business you want.

Your Brand Has Substance

One common misconception about brands is that they are ethereal, just the stuff of marketing. However, your brand is substantive. It’s the accumulated value of all the promises your company has made and kept, all the value you have given your previous customers, and all the benefits you offer to future customers. These very real and substantial elements need to be tied to your brand with the power of words to make them tangible in the minds of potential customers.

Your Brand Has Voice

Because your brand has an identity, it also has a voice: a clear, strong voice that customers can hear. If you let it speak.

If you want your brand to speak on your website, you have to add strong, original content. This content can connect your brand’s logo and style with the concrete elements that back it. Your website content can help your potential customers understand that your brand isn’t just marketing, it’s a mark of quality that can be trusted. It can also bring relevant traffic through SEO by helping people find your site when they’re looking for the specific elements your company, practice, product, or service promises with its brand.

Your brand is ready. Your website is all dressed. It just needs to be introduced . . . or re-introduced. I can help. For an introduction, please email matthew@writermc.com or use my contact form.


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